KOSUN series of Decanter Centrifuges


KOSUN series of decanter centrifuges are used for sedimentation and separation of suspensions with solid particles diameter above 2μm. The specific gravity and viscosity of treated mud can meet the ideal operational requirements, providing conditions for better recycling and

efficient energy-saving environmental protection.KOSUN series of decanter centrifuges have undergone years of research,production, on-site application, and continuous optimization  and

improvement. It has the advantages of good separation effect, large processing capacity, reliable operation, long service life, convenient maintenance, stable operation. and low noise.

Features and Advantages

 Innovative designs include a longer bowl, which extends the residence time of the mud in the bowl,

resulting in drier solid phase and finer separation points.

Corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant bowl is provided, with quick-change hard alloy sleeves at the

sand discharge port of the cone bowl.

The discharge surface of the screw propeller is welded with a tungsten carbide wear-resistant layer.

We adopts bearings made by German FAG or Swedish SKF.

Electrical components comply with Siemens/Schneider explosion-proof standards or the International

Electrotechnical Commission explosion-proof certification system.

Special screw pumps and submersible slurry pumps for centrifuge feeding are provided to meet the processing requirements under different operating conditions.