Application fields of drilling mud treatment solids control equipment

  1. What is drilling mud? In the process of oil drilling, mud is usually used to reinforce and support the drilling wall. The mud can form a thin and tough mud skin on the drilling wall, which can protect the wall of the drilling hole and prevent collapse. The internal structural strength of the mud is used to suspend the rock powder, and the mud can be used to stop the drilling. When drilling and stopping the pump, prevent drilling accidents. Due to the hole protection effect of mud, drilling mud in complex formations can save a lot of steel, improve construction speed and reduce drilling costs.
  2. The method of drilling mud treatment? Through the principle of centrifugal separation, the solid and liquid phases are separated, and it is also suitable for water-based mud and oil-based mud to recover the mud of drill cuttings, which reduces costs and reduces environmental pollution.
  3. What are oil drilling mud treatment solids control equipment? KOSUN has special drilling mud treatment solid control equipment, including LS series linear shale shaker, horizontal screw centrifuge, drying machine, mud cleaner, sand and mud removal, mixer, liquid-gas separator and other equipment. It is widely used in oil and gas drilling, trenchless horizontal directional crossing engineering, tailings treatment, river dredging engineering, industrial wastewater treatment, waste oil recovery and purification treatment and other fields.

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