The treatment of drilling waste is to control the water content of drilling cuttings in drilling mud.

The treatment of drilling waste is to control the water content of drilling cuttings in drilling mud, stabilize the performance of liquid phase, and achieve the purpose of dry treatment. The liquid phase can be used for secondary injection without destroying, so that the enterprises can expand the drilling scale without environmental protection worries.

The use of drilling mud not landing system eliminates the direct digging and circulating pool, reduces the land use, reduces the related costs, and reduces the workload of well crew. More importantly, once the system is put into use, it can not only realize harmless treatment of drilling mud and solid waste, but also recycle both of them, which is environmentally friendly and energy-saving. Mud pollution to the environment will be largely eradicated, so as to create a “green” logo, oil drilling exploration field to create greater social and economic benefits.

Solid liquid separation and waste residue recovery stage: drilling mud through the elevated manifold into the mud vibrating screen to remove large solid particles, and then sand pump pumping treated mud into the desander, desilter to remove sand and mud, mud treatment in the mud, the treated mud into the mud tank for further treatment.

The screw conveyor produced by xi ‘an KOSUN is used in the drilling waste disposal project.

The screw conveyor produced by xi ‘an KOSUN is used in the drilling waste disposal project, providing an effective and low-cost drillings transportation system for offshore drilling and land drilling devices. The screw conveyor adopts the combined structure of more than 12 feet in each section, which can be flexibly assembled and used in different drilling sites, with simple operation, stable structure, strong adaptability in working space and high safety performance. Thus, the working efficiency of the equipment is greatly improved and the cost and resources are saved. The screw blade of screw conveyor is made of wear-resistant material to ensure its service life.

When the screw shaft rotates, the material can only move forward along the bottom of the screw conveyor under the push of the blade due to the gravity of the material and the friction generated by the friction between the material and the tank wall, which is just like the translation movement of the unrotatable nut along the rotating screw. The movement of the material in the intermediate bearing depends on the thrust of the material moving forward behind it. Therefore, the material transport in the conveyor, is a complete slip motion. In order to make the spiral shaft in a more favorable tension state, generally will drive the device and discharge port on the same end of the conveyor, and the feed port as far as possible on the other end of the tail near. The rotating spiral blade moves the material and carries on the transportation, causes the material not to revolve together with the spiral conveyor blade the force is the material own weight and the screw conveyor casing to the material the friction resistance. According to the different materials, there are solid surface, belt surface and blade surface. The spiral shaft of the screw conveyor has a thrust bearing at the end of the direction of material movement. Intermediate hanging bearings should be added when the captain is longer.

The vc-1000 series vertical cuttings dryer produced by KOSUN is a vertical scraper discharge centrifuge.

The application of vertical cuttings dryer is currently at home and abroad to solve the drilling waste management in areas such as solid-liquid separation dryer mud treatment equipment, the traditional waste sludge treatment is used more pressure filter, but the operation is more troublesome, and the intensity of labor is big, cost is high, and drilling cuttings dryer is the modern solid-liquid separation, it does not need to add chemicals, cover an area of an area small, simple operation, low cost but also strong processing capacity, processing waste solid phase moisture content is low.

With the continuous improvement of national environmental protection requirements, major oil fields are faced with the problem of drilling waste disposal.

The vc-1000 series vertical cuttings dryer produced by KOSUN is a vertical scraper discharge centrifuge, which separates solid and liquid phases through centrifugal separation principle. Vertical cuttings dryer can effectively recover liquid components in cuttings, making solid phase transition very dry. It is suitable for water-based mud, oil-based mud and synthetic mud to recover the mud in cuttings, thus reducing drilling costs and environmental pollution. Its processing capacity is 40~60 tons per hour, and the liquid content/oil content of the treated cuttings is lower than 5%, meeting international emission standards and environmental requirements. It can be used for cuttings treatment in land and sea drilling.

While working, raise the support of driller to the highest place to meet the driller’s driller discharge. The centrifuge is placed on the tank body of the pry seat, and the discharged liquid part flows directly into the bottom collection tank. While drilling fluid is needed, it can be delivered via a delivery pump or connected to a tank of similar height.

Drilling fluid desander is a combination of hydrocyclone desander and drilling fluid shaker.

Drilling fluid desander is a combination of hydrocyclone desander and drilling fluid shaker. The main structure of the equipment is arranged in two upper and lower parts. The cyclone is arranged in the upper part. The small vibrating screen at the lower part is circular vibrating screen. The hydrocyclone desander is a secondary solid control device in the solid control system, which is used to separate solid particles with particle size larger than 47 microns in drilling fluid.

The drilling fluid desander produced by KOSUN is one of the important equipment for solid phase control of drilling fluid. Its function is to clear harmful solid phase, stabilize drilling fluid performance and improve drilling efficiency. According to the requirements of the customer, several groups of cyclones are selected to form the drilling fluid desander. The cyclone drilling fluid desander is widely used in oil drilling and horizontal directional drilling.

Features and advantages of drilling fluid desander produced by KOSUN:

  1. The fast drilling fluid desander is a two-stage solid control device for handling drilling mud, which can separate solid particles between 45 and 74 microns.
  2. The mud desander is made of polyurethane or high chromium cast iron with long service life;
  3. Clip-on type, easy to maintain;
  4. Compact design, small space;
  5. According to different treatment capacity, 1, 2 or 3 10″ or 12″ cyclone can be flexibly selected;
  6. Fast and flexible connection during user assembly.

KOSUN MA series mud and water agitator is the equipment of drilling fluid tank solid control system.

Mud agitator is a kind of drilling fluid canister type solid control equipment, which is mainly used for mi  xing drilling fluid, preventing solid phase particles of drilling fluid from depositing in its canister type circulation system, making the circulating drilling fluid performance stable and mixed evenly. The mud agitator produced by Xi ‘an KOSUN has compact structure and small area. Smooth operation, low operating noise, few wearing parts, long service life, high cost performance, has been recognized by various oil exploration companies, exported to many countries.

KOSUN MA series mud agitator is the equipment of drilling fluid tank solid control system, which is mainly used for mixing drilling fluid, preventing solid phase particles from deposition in its tank circulating system, making the circulating drilling fluid performance stable and mixing evenly. Agitator is composed of explosion-proof motor, reducer, frame and wave wheel assembly. The motor is connected with the reducer and the reducer is connected with the wave wheel shaft through a rigid coupling. The wave wheel is welded with four blade groups.

Advantages of KOSUN mud agitator:

  1. Optimized product structure, small floor space and compact structure;
  2. Stable operation, low operating noise, long service life, few vulnerable parts, high cost performance;
  3. High pressure airless spraying equipment is used for construction, and beautiful appearance and anticorrosive effect can be achieved through primer, medium paint, top paint and other processes;
  4. The mud agitator shaft and impeller are finely polished by pickling, galvanizing, hot-dipping zinc and passivation, which greatly improves the service life and anti-corrosion effect.

Recently, 2 sets of ZJ15 fixed control system produced by KOSUN were successfully sent to the Ukrainian project site.

Recently, 2 sets of ZJ15 fixed control system produced by KOSUN were successfully sent to the Ukrainian project site. Previously, KOSUN invited customers from the Ukrainian market to visit the factory to inspect the production process and work progress, and the customers gave a high evaluation of KOSUN’s professional products.
KOSUN production of ZJ15 drilling solids control system is a set of mechanical and electrical control of sludge treatment system, drilling mud can be hierarchical processing, at the same time, the drilling mud can be mixed, degassing, aggravating, mixing, can also be used to supply of wellhead mud, the Ukrainian market customer order system by mud mud tank, mixing tank, rotation of the crane and solids control equipment. The whole system includes vibration screen, vacuum deaerator two-stage solid control equipment, mud mix weight system, mud supply system, electrical control system, lighting system, etc. The surface coating of the system is durable, which can ensure that the system can be used in the wear and corrosion environment.
This ZJ15 drilling solids control system has several special designs of important processes, which can be used to grade drilling mud. The mud can also be weighted, mixed and stirred. Drug canisters and pipelines can provide slurry batching for the system; Mud system can be mixed and matched for system mud; Supply silo and supply line can supply mud supply for wellhead mud defect; Mud gun pipeline and mixing system can fully stir and mix in the mud tank; The clean water collection can provide water channel for slurry distribution and flushing tank surface.
ZJ15 drilling solids control system adopts multi-functional design, so that the system can meet the requirements of different mud systems, and each system and process can work independently or simultaneously.

the most advanced drilling fluid cleaner manufacturing process at home and abroad

KOSUN adopts the most advanced drilling fluid cleaner manufacturing process at home and abroad, to ensure the production of powerful, compact structure, easy to operate, easy to maintain drilling fluid cleaner.

KOSUN QZS series high efficiency mud cleaner is the secondary and tertiary drilling purification system of solids control equipment that can be further separated by the vibrating screen processed of smaller particles contained in mud solid phase, so that the mud into the level 4 separation equipment, MD series mud cleaner can be used alone, also can use its underflow vibrating screen as primary solids control parallel backup device of vibrating screen.

What are the equipment safety requirements when operating and maintaining the mud cleaner?

  1. Confirm whether the base of the machine is firmly connected with the tank, and whether the inlet and outlet pipes are sealed well;
  2. After connecting the main power supply, start the motor and make sure that the motor runs in the correct direction;
  3. Do not strike or smash the cleaner.

Production features of KOSUN drilling fluid cleaner:

  1. The main structure of the drilling fluid cleaner is arranged in two parts: the cyclone desander and the desilter are arranged in the upper part; the slide groove is set on the base and a mud vibrating screen is arranged on the slide, which makes the structure compact and occupies little space;
  2. There is a control butterfly valve between the inlet and outlet pipes of the desander and the desilter, which can adjust the number of the desander and the desilter at any time. It is simple to operate and easy to maintain;
  3. The cyclone desander and desilter are equipped with automatic sand control blocking device and bottom flow regulating device;
  4. Different number of desander hydrocyclones and desilter hydrocyclones can be configured according to customer requirements and the actual situation on site.

KOSUN mud zero-discharge waste treatment system

Drilling waste disposal system is also known as mud zero-discharge disposal system, cuttings disposal system, cuttings disposal system and mud disposal while drilling system. According to its USES, it is divided into water-based mud landing system and oil-based mud landing system. Its main equipment includes: shale shaker,vertical cutting dryer, drilling fluid centrifuge, screw conveyor, screw pump, etc. Xi ‘an KOSUN mud landing system can effectively control the cuttings moisture content in drilling mud, stabilize liquid performance and achieve the purpose of mud landing drying. In addition, Xi ‘an KOSUN can also customize various mud landing systems for customers according to their needs and actual conditions on site.
The KOSUN mud zero-discharge waste treatment system can recover and treat drilling fluid waste, reduce the cost of treatment, recover swimming mud or water, realize resource reuse, avoid the pollution of waste to the environment, meet the environmental protection requirements of local government regulations on waste discharge, and protect the environment.
KOSUN mud zero-discharge equipment integration is high, to meet the needs of drilling while drilling or post-drilling centralized treatment. And the mobility is strong, is the miniaturization assembly, is convenient for transportation, the operation is convenient, the processing efficiency is high. The treatment conditions are mild, the treatment cost is low, the application range is wide and economical. In addition, the system is adaptable and can handle drilling wastes under different mud systems.

KOSUN DS series cyclone desander is an economical and suitable desander.

KOSUN DS series cyclone desander is an economical and suitable desandersander, which is the secondary desiccator in the process of the solid control system. Solid particles between 45 and 74 microns can be separated and the treated mud can be better treated by the equipment at the lower level.
Precautions for installation of hydrocyclone desander:
  1. The hydrocyclone desander shall be installed on the main pipe line of the water supply network and fixed on the base. Bypass shall be added between the water inlet and outlet pipes.
  2. In order to ensure smooth water flow, a straight pipe with equal diameter to the water inlet shall be installed before the water inlet of the equipment, whose length is 10-15 times of the diameter of the water inlet.
  3. Adequate maintenance space shall be reserved around the equipment during installation.
  4. Open the inlet and outlet valves, close the sewage valve and bypass valve during normal operation.
  5. According to the sediment content of the source water, discharge sand and remove pollution regularly. Open the sewage valve when discharging, and the sewage process will not affect the normal water use of the system.
  6. Close the blowdown valve after the blowdown is over.
  7. Close the valve at the outlet if sand discharge pressure is insufficient.
  8. This equipment has no function of filtering impurities. If there are requirements for filtering impurities, a filter should be installed.
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The HDD mud and water separation system produced by xi ‘an KOSUN can separate solids from the mud.

Horizontal directional drilling solid phase control through mud is the principle and technical method of controlling solid particles in mud. Solid control technology is used to remove harmful solids from the mud, retain useful solid phase, and meet the requirements of mud properties in the crossing process.
Horizontal directional drilling technology is a trenchless technology used for laying pipelines and cables when it is difficult to dig or when the cost of excavation is high. It has obvious advantages when oil and gas pipelines cross obstacles and important areas such as rivers, lakes, traffic arteries and railway hubs.
The HDD mud and water separation system produced by xi ‘an KOSUN can separate solids from the mud, so as to realize the recycling of mud. In practice, the company constantly optimizes the system to meet the requirements of various geological environments and various sizes of processing capacity and treatment. Our company not only manufacture separation systems, but also can do related engineering services. Can be tailored to the actual address requirements of customers, meet the use requirements. When selecting the horizontal directional drilling solid control system, the main principles are as follows: 1. Particle type and size to be removed or suppressed; 2. Quality of mud to be maintained; 3. Size of drilling rig capacity, solid phase clearance rate and cycle rate.