Process of Drilling Mud Zero Discharge Treatment

Process of of drilling mud zero discharge treatment :

1.Collection Unit. Through the solid control equipment, drilling waste mud enter into the screw conveyor, while adding water for dilution and mixing. Then through screw conveyor, the mud enter into the sand and gravel separation & washing and stirring device, after stirring, washing and spiral separation, a large number of inorganic particles, small rocks, cuttings can be separated from the drilling mud, which reduced the influences of type of material on the follow-up treatment. So that the abandoned mud can maintain the good liquidity. After the separation, the mud lifting into the slurry storage tank by the mud pump, while adding treatment chemicals, after stirring and mixing reaction, the mud lifting into the second processing unit the pump.

2.Solid-liquid separation unit. In order to reduce the moisture content and the pollutants of the mud cake, it is indispensable to add the treatment chemicals and the multiple stirring and washing. After the pharmaceutical treatment and repeated mixing and washing, the contaminants contained in the mud are washed into the water. If there is petroleum pollutant, it needs to be treated by the oil removal device first, and then the oil is recovered. The de-oiling mud is sent to the centrifugal extension by the pump for mud and water separation, and the solid matter in the mud can be discharged after the separation. The separated water enters the collection tank and then pumped by the pump to the third treatment unit.

Drilling Mud Zero Discharge Treatment
Drilling Mud Zero Discharge Treatment

3.Wastewater treatment unit. After centrifugation, the content of suspended solids in the water is relatively high. Through the flotation and filtration system, the suspended solids contained in the water are removed, reducing the organic content in the waste water and then enter the reverse osmosis system for concentration. Reverse osmosis out of the standard wastewater into the reuse water tank, pump back to use for the production. A small amount of concentrated liquid can also be treated by evaporation crystallization, salt can be sold to salt chemical manufacturers, turning waste into treasure.

The above is the whole drilling Mud Zero Discharge TreatmentProcess.

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