KOSUN oily sludge treatment scheme

Oily sludge contains a certain concentration of mineral oil components, whether into the soil, farmland, arable land, or the sea, rivers, lakes, will cause serious pollution to the ecological environment or water resources.

KOSUN follow the national policy, develop the green environmental protection to repair equipment, sludge treatment and soil vibration separation, centrifugal separation technology with fluid mechanics, solve environmental waste disposal in the process of solid liquid two phase separation problems, through the subsequent processing function, reduce the pollutant emissions, recovery of available resources and meet the requirements of environmental protection of emissions standards and local government.

KOSUN oily sludge treatment scheme one: oily sludge recovery and separation system air flotation scheme. The application of this scheme can effectively realize the separation of oil, water and mud, recover the oil products that can be used in the sludge, and use specific chemical agents to reduce the oil content of the discharged sludge, the oil content rate is at least 0.5%, and reach the environmental protection standard.

KOSUN oily sludge treatment scheme two: oily sludge skid-mounted treatment system. Based on the introduction of advanced centrifuge technology from Europe and the United Nations military manufacturing team, the system is specialized in producing high-speed horizontal screw centrifuges. With the development concept of independent research and development and introduction, the company strives to make breakthroughs in the application functions of centrifuge physics. So as to solve the problem of secondary pollution caused by chemical treatment. Company research and development of special sewage sludge, dirty oil, aging oil two phase and three phase horizontal screw centrifuge won the unprecedented good results in production practice, the various indicators are better than national standards, with special sewage sludge horizontal screw centrifuge as the core of sewage sludge treatment system is fully operational, it will reduce the labor intensity of users, reduce the production cost of using the enterprise, and can also provide cost-effective manufacturing in China for the international market.

KOSUN oily sludge treatment scheme three: thermal thermal analysis of electrical radiation treatment process. The process consists of “sludge pretreatment + thermal thermal analysis + flue gas treatment + water treatment”. In order to meet the “decrement” requirements of the factory, the scheme mainly realizes the decrement of oily sludge through the thermal analysis process of electric radiation, and the liquid phase decrement rate reaches more than 94%.

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