Working principle of cyclone desander

Origin of cyclone desander:

Sand removal equipment is often eroded, resulting in solid particle deposition and pipe blockage. In order to solve this problem, a solid-phase/liquid-phase swirling desander device has been developed for separating and eliminating solid particles in well fluids. Compared with the traditional filter desander, kexun swirl desander has the characteristics of compact structure and high working efficiency.

Working principle of cyclone desander:

The basic principle of the cyclone desander is to use centrifugal force to introduce the fluid tangential direction into the conical shell of the cyclone desander. The gravity action pushes the solid particles to the surface of the cone and runs down to the outlet of the separator. The secondary liquid swirl generated in the separation shell causes the liquid to migrate upward and discharge from the overflow port through the swirl detector. The smaller the diameter of the desander cyclone is, the greater the separation effect will be.

Features of KOSUN cyclone desander:

  1. Simple structure, easy operation, safe and reliable use, almost no maintenance;
  2. Compared with the expanded pipe, buffer box and other sand removal equipment, it has the advantages of small volume, large processing capacity and saving field space;
  3. Sand can be removed from the water during the continuous water supply;
  4. It avoids the phenomenon of secondary pollution of water quality in other ways of sand removal and has high efficiency of sand removal.

It is recognized at home and abroad that mud solid control equipment is one of the important symbols of scientific drilling.

It is recognized at home and abroad that mud solid control equipment is one of the important symbols of scientific drilling. Through the continuous improvement and improvement of drilling fluid solid-phase control equipment in recent 10 years, it has a significant effect on improving drilling technology, reducing the maintenance workload of circulation system, ensuring the performance of drilling fluid, reducing downhole accidents, increasing drilling speed and reducing cost.

Prior to the 1970s, the petroleum drilling industry used extremely crude drilling fluid shale shaker, with a separation size of only 400 microns and solid particles re-entering the mud circulation system.Later, ultra-fine vibrating screen, cyclone desander, mud desander, drilling fluid centrifuge, vacuum degasser, mud mixer, slurry distribution device, mud tank and electrical operation cabinet, with the total weight of more than ton, the total power consumption has been close to 300KW.Solid content can be controlled to a minimum of less than 5%, and the low-density properties of the drilling fluid can be adjusted as needed.

There is no doubt that these advances have brought about profound changes in the oil drilling industry. But at the same time also greatly increased the well team site repair, maintenance, use of the workload and consumption.Therefore, on the basis of constantly reducing the performance of the mud solid control system, it has become a very concerned issue for experts of mud solid control equipment at home and abroad to simplify the equipment, reduce energy consumption and improve reliability.

Advantages of drilling mud system

Operating principle of drilling mud non-landing system: In the process of oil and gas field drilling, the drilling mud and cuttings are treated continuously while drilling through specific equipment and technology, and the treated mud is recycled repeatedly, and the cuttings and harmful substances are treated, so as to protect the soil at the drilling site from being polluted. The treatment process is divided into: first, solid-liquid separation and waste residue recovery unit; Second, the waste drying unit.
Advantages of drilling mud system: The use of the non-landing mud system eliminates the direct excavation of the circulation pool, reduces land use, reduces related costs, and reduces the workload of the well team.Once the system is put into use, it can not only realize the continuous treatment of drilling mud and solid waste, but also recycle the two, which is both environmentally friendly and energy-saving.Mud pollution to the environment will be further controlled, drilling operations will be green.At the same time, the mud system can directly obtain good social and economic benefits.
1. The recycling and clean production of solid waste meet the requirements of circular economy and environmental protection, effectively reduce the environmental risk caused by waste drilling fluid, and help to protect the ecological environment; Ii. The “smaller” mud and sewage pool reduces the occupied area of the land and saves a certain amount of land collection fee for the oil field company; 3. Compared with the curing treatment cost of waste mud mainly used before, the use of the non-landing mud system has the characteristics of low cost and good effect. Cuttings separated by this technology can be discharged to the standard. As paving material, crop cultivation soil, etc. The water can be recycled to achieve the purpose of waste utilization, energy conservation and emission reduction.