Drilling waste treatment status and technology

In the process of oil exploration and production, a large amount of waste will be left on the well site. In view of these harmful substances, how to adopt corresponding drilling waste treatment technology to minimize the harm caused by waste drilling fluid to the environment is a very important task for oil and gas field enterprises.

drilling waste treatment

For a long time, most of the domestic oilfield drilling waste treatment is to directly solidify the waste liquid in the waste storage pool after the completion of the drilling and completion work. Due to the high water content in the total waste to be processed, this method consumes a lot of chemicals, has a high cost, and has an unsatisfactory effect, and it cannot completely eliminate the hidden danger of pollution.

With the requirements of local governments for environmental protection, the current domestic onshore oilfields are gradually paying attention to the harmless treatment of waste drilling fluid. Therefore, the treatment technology route with solid-liquid separation technology as the core has begun to be used in drilling waste treatment. This technology has changed from simple and rough direct solidification in the past to a process technology route combining chemical method, solid-liquid separation method and solidification method.

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