Features of KOSUN Decanter Centrifuge and Mud Agitator

Advantages of KOSUN Decanter Centrifuge:

1. Strong craftsmanship, the device can be adjusted automatically at any time according to the material condition during the operation process to achieve the processing effect.

2. The noise is small, and the structure design adopts the double-layer plus sound insulation layer design. The low noise during operation has little impact on the working site environment.

3. The degree of automation is high. During the operation of the decanter centrifuge, no matter it is feeding, separating or unloading, every link is continuously and automatically carried out under high-speed operation, so the user is very convenient and simple in operation .

4. The processing capacity is very large, because the structure has been improved, it can treat more materials.

5. The decanter centrifuge will not have too much impact on the working environment on site, because the equipment is carried out under completely enclosed conditions during the entire operation process, so there is no need to worry about pollution at the operation site. Completed clean production.

6. The working function of the equipment is very stable, so it can maintain high working efficiency.

7. The safety is good, and the protection device is set, so the decanter centrifuge has higher safety functions.

Advantages of KOSUN Mud Agitator:

The mud agitator has the advantages of compact structure, small floor space, large transmission torque, stable operation and reliable operation.

  1. The arc cylindrical worm reducer is adopted, the shaft section is a circular cylindrical worm, and the tooth profile of the worm wheel is a circle conjugated to the worm. Therefore, the convex and concave meshing performance is reliable and the structure is compact;

2. Combination of reducer and explosion-proof motor, it is easy to maintain and suitable for use under harsh working conditions in the field;

3. The mud agitator is strong, has a wide range, and reduces the starting resistance torque;

4. The motor is placed horizontally for easy installation, adjustment and replacement;

5. Various gearbox and blade combinations can meet most requirements;

6. The mud agitator has high efficiency in deep and large containers;

7. It can be designed to produce suitable shear force according to needs;

8. Expose more fluids to contact with the atmosphere, and the mud agitator helps cool the drilling fluid.

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