Treatment Effect of KOSUN Oily Sludge Treatment Solution

For the floor sludge, KOSUN adopts the front-end room temperature water washing process for reduction treatment, and the back-end pyrolysis carbonization harmless treatment process. Equipment optimization has been carried out for the process of furnace wall glueing, flue gas treatment, and non-condensable gas reuse.

Using KOSUN’s oily sludge treatment and recycling technology, the results after oily sludge treatment:

1. The oil content of the residue is less than 0.3%, which meets the national soil use standard, and meets the local standard of Shaanxi Province “Control Limits on the Disposal and Utilization of Oily Sludge” (DB61/T 1025-2016), and bricks are made to achieve comprehensive utilization;

2. The water is treated by indigenous microorganisms, and multi-stage filtration reaches the standards for reuse, brick making and irrigation;

3. The exhaust gas is treated by bag dust removal and spray tower treatment to reach the second level of the “Comprehensive Emission Standard of Air Pollutants” (GB16297-1996);

4. Collect VOCs in the whole process and conduct reasonable treatment; truly realize the harmless disposal and resource utilization of oil sludge.

The complete set of Oily Sludge Treatment equipment has the following advantages:

1. Through the front-end normal temperature water washing process, the crude oil recovery rate is above 95%;

2. Strong applicability to raw materials, and can directly process tons of bags, gloves, color striped cloth and other sundries;

3. There is no coking in the pyrolysis process, and the unique segmented heating technology makes the material heated evenly and the heat conduction efficiency is high;

4. The produced non-condensable gas can be used as fuel for the combustion engine, which saves fuel costs and achieves flue gas emission standards;

5. The treatment standard can reach the “Control Standards for Pollutants in Agricultural Sludge” (GB4284-2018) Grade B below 3‰.

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