KOSUN river dredging system help to solve Shandong River siltation

Recently, a company in Yantai, Shandong selected KOSUN BRRD450-40C river dredging system to treat their river dredging. After one month product,KOSUN Black Rhino BRRD450-40C river dredging system has been completed by the end of October, and now they has been sent to Shandong River dredging project site.

river dredging system
river dredging system

At present, China’s River siltation is rather serious, and the Chinese government has paid more attention to river dredging. Level governments have also increased their input into the river dredging.

In the field of river silt cleaning and sludge dewatering, KOSUN has designed & developed a new type of BRRD series river dredging system including a vibration screening module and a centrifugal separation module. The capability of the river dredging system can reach 200-600 cubic meters per hour.

centrifugal separation
centrifugal separation

KOSUN BRRD series river dredging system can effectively separate the coarse, medium and fine sand in the river silt, to achieve the effect of dredging treatment. And the treated gravel and water can be recycled. KOSUN river dredging system not only can save river dredging construction costs for customers, but also can improve the efficiency of the project. It is the best solution for river dredging treatment project.

The main purpose of KOSUN BRRD river dredging system is to clean up silt and sand solid waste materials, return the clean water to rivers, and reduce pressure on the progress of subsequent projects so as to achieve environmental protection. KOSUN can design different capacity river dredging system according to customer requirements.

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Séparateur centrifuge westfalia replacement from Kosun Manufacturer

Séparateur Centrifuge Westfalia

The Decanter Centrifuge Series offers an effective, low-maintenance solution for continuous liquid clarification and / or solid dewatering, with advanced process and mechanical properties.

The dewatering centrifuge is versatile and can be adapted to different    production and process and material types. The machine is easy to adjust, the operator’s attention is insufficient, relatively quiet, small footprint.

Horizontal decanter centrifuge uses a range of sizes to provide effective, low-maintenance solutions for liquid clarification and solid dewatering with advanced process and mechanical properties.

Séparateur centrifuge westfalia
Séparateur centrifuge westfalia

Centrifuge is the use of centrifugal force, separation of liquid and solid particles or liquid and liquid mixture of the components of the mechanical. The centrifuge is mainly used to separate the solid particles in the suspension from the liquid or to separate the two different densities and immiscible liquids in the emulsion (for example, to separate the cream from the milk);

It can also be used to exclude Wet solids in the liquid, such as washing clothes with wet clothes; special ultra-speed tube separator can also be separated from different density of gas mixture; the use of different density or particle size of solid particles in the liquid settling speed of different characteristics, some settlement The centrifuge can also classify the solid particles by density or particle size.

Kosun séparateur centrifuge has more than 20 years experience in manufacturing centrifugal separators. Today, the company has a leading position in the field of centrifugal separation technology.

Kosun separators represent superb product quality and excellent service levels. DIN lSO9001 quality certificate is sufficient to prove.

With the pace of industrial development, the company’s products from small separators to the development of a wide range of efficient separation machines and decanter for all walks of life to use.

Today, separation technology has been widely used in various fields such as beverage industry, dairy industry, oil processing, oil recovery, starch processing, chemical medicine, bioengineering, industrial fermentation and environmental protection projects.

Kosun dominates the international market for marine, energy, oil and industrial mineral oil separators. Provide the customer with the right system.