Centrifuge for Oily Sludge Separation

KOSUN decanter centrifuges of common models are applied to oil drilling solids control system and drilling waste management. In addition, KOSUN centrifuges of other models can also be widely used in the many industries. Centrifuge for Oily Sludge Separation can do sedimentation and separation for particles more than 2 μm.

Centrifuge for Oily Sludge Separation
Centrifuge for Oily Sludge Separation

Features and Benefits of KSOUN Centrifuge for Oily Sludge Separation:

  1. Innovative design includes longer bowl, allowing drilling fluids to thread through more slowly, thus resulting in drier solids and finer separation point;
  2. Big bowl offers big volume. It also generates high-G force;
  3. Stainless steel bowl, scroll, compartment are available and covered with corrosion-proof coating so as to have longer lifespan;
  4. Tungsten carbide scroll points with wide spacing flights at tapered end create a finer layer of conveyed solids for consistent, uniform separation and maximum solids control efficiency.
  5. German FAG or Swedish SKF brand bearings are available;
  6. Electrical Components complies with SIEMENS/Schneider ATEX or IEC Ex.
  7. Screw pump and submersible slurry pump are provided to meet liquid feeding requirements of centrifuge of various customers.
Decanter Centrifuge
Decanter Centrifuge

Different areas and different clients has different oily sludge and final requirements for the oily sludge separation & treatment, following questions are needed to be clear for us to provide the best proposal for your oily sludge treatment solutions.

-What is the origin and geographic location of the waste sludge (drilling, refinery, other)?

-What is the makeup of the oil sludge (percentage of oil, water and solids)?

-What volume of oil sludge is to be treated?

-How long you need to complete the treatment of the oil sludge?

-What is the challenge or problem of the current situation?

-What is the target to achieve for the final oil, water and solids?

-What process / equipment is being used on location at present for the oil sludge treatment? How is the performance now?

-What’s your budget for the oil sludge treatment plant?

Knowning above queations,we can supply you suitable Centrifuge for Oily Sludge Separation! Editor:Kosun Lily.Wang)

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