Application of Mud Separation Equipment for Building Piling

Construction Piling Mud Separation Equipment is suitable for pile foundation engineering (including rotary drilling, percussion drilling, etc.) using mud wall protection and circulating drilling technology, anti-seepage wall engineering (ground wall, double-wheel milling), and mud-water balance shield construction Mud purification and recovery of muddy water pipe jacking construction. Which can greatly improve the reuse rate of waste mud, avoid the random discharge of mud, help customers reduce construction costs, and be civilized and environmentally friendly.

Construction Piling Mud Separation Equipment can create the following advantages:

1. Adequate purification of the mud is conducive to controlling the performance index of the mud, reducing the sticking accident and improving the quality of hole making. The effective separation of soil ballast is conducive to improving the efficiency of hole making.

2. Realize mud recycling and save slurry-making materials. Significantly reduce waste pulp outbound costs and pulp making costs.

Mud Separation Equipment for building piling is mainly suitable for the recovery of mud essence in the construction of geology, hydropower, urban construction, bridge pile foundations, etc. and mud balance shield construction, which can reduce construction costs, improve hole formation efficiency, and reduce mud discharge. And sticking accidents are one of the necessary equipment for basic civilized construction. Using this equipment can create the following advantages for you to fully purify the mud, which is conducive to controlling the performance indicators of the mud, reducing sticking accidents, and improving the quality of hole making. The reuse of mud is conducive to saving slurry materials and reducing construction costs.

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