High Sale Decanter Centrifuge Manufacturer-Kosun

Kosun Decanter Centrifuge is a device used in separating suspension of solids for drilling purpose. It has been designed for Oilfields and Industrial purposes that are seeking an environment friendly solution. Its speed ranges from 0n to 3900 RPM, generating centrifugal forces reach up to 3000G.

The main advantages of  Kosun Decanter Centrifuge:

1- It has a continuous dewatering in an enclosed unit, which reduces factory nuisances and cost of deodorizing premises.

2- The machines are cleaned automatically.

3- All mechanical safety mechanisms constitute part of the standard main equipment.

4- It is highly suitable for all sludge types, even the most difficult ones.

5- It is highly automatic and self-dependent machine with easy maintenance.

6- It has a very wide application range. The decanter centrifuge can conduct an effective separation as good as filtering centrifuge and can finish the separation despite failed filtering centrifuge.

7- Decanter Centrifuge can also be used for liquid clarification. It helps separation of lighter solids from heavier liquids.

8-It is usable in both high and low temperatures.

9-   It has a Great Adaptability. It is capable of producing force even greater than the gravity, precisely 14,000 times greater than the gravity.

10- It grades the particles based on the size.

Kosun,as Decanter Centrifuge Manufacturer, establishment in 1992, has been the major supplier of solids control system products in the field of China’s oil & gas drilling equipment, the earliest and only one decanter centrifuge manufacturer in five provinces in Northwest China, and the producer of the first-generation high-frequency drilling fluid shale shaker in China.

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