Drilling rig solids control system equipment of Sichuan CBM Drilling

Sichuan Province is an area rich in natural gas resources. In addition to conventional natural gas, Sichuan also has a huge amount of unconventional natural gas resources. As a kind of unconventional natural gas, coal-bed methane is stored in coal seams with methane as the main component. In terms of coal-bed methane, although Sichuan has abundant coal-bed methane resources, large-scale development in recent years is still in its infancy.

The choice of CBM well type and drilling technology depends on geological conditions such as the buried depth, thickness, mechanical strength, pressure, type of formation combination, and wellbore stability of the coal reservoir. Sichuan CBM Drilling Company’s drilling rig solids control system equipment generally includes: mud shale shaker, cyclone desander, cyclone desander, mud desander and desander integrated machine, centrifuge, sand pump, shear pump, submerged slag Mud pump, mud agitator, jet mixing device, mixing tank, etc.

The scientific and reasonable drilling rig solids control system can effectively control the solid particles in the mud and ensure that the solid particles in the mud are controlled in

within 5μm~15μm, the mud parameter ratio can be carried out, the mud quality is obviously improved, the drilling speed can be increased, and the service life of the mud pump and the drilling rig can be effectively improved.

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