Economic Configuration Decanter Centrifuge of Kosun Solid Control System

Economic Configuration Decanter Centrifuge

Economic Configuration Decanter Centrifuge is a device that utilizes a very high rotational speed through which components of different densities are separated. It is very important device for industries that require separating mixtures of solid, liquid and gas into a single mixture.

Economic Configuration Decanter Centrifuge are used to continuously separate solids and liquids where the density of the solid is very high. The decanter centrifuge’s continuous rotation helps to separate the components into slurry and drilling waste water treatment, edible oil, etc.

Economic Configuration Decanter Centrifuge
Economic Configuration Decanter Centrifuge

The standard of working of a decanter centrifuge is based on gravitational force. The component with higher density settles at the base and the lighter density component suspends above.

Economic Configuration Decanter Centrifuge is used in different industries like the oil, food processing and chemical. It is an important device in all the industries. The decanter centrifuge are used to separate mixtures of liquid, solid-liquid, dewatering and in extracting of various components.

The different types of decanter centrifuge are vertical decanter centrifuge, horizontal decanter centrifuge, conveyor centrifuge. The principle on which the decanter centrifuge is based is the gravitational separation. Example: When a glass is filled with muddy water after sometime the mud will settle down at the base due to the gravity. One can see a clear separation between the mud and water.

In the principle of a decanter centrifuge the mixture is put in the centrifuge through a pipe and on a conveyor. The conveyor sends the muddy mixture into a bowl tube. This bowl tube then rotates at a very high speed to form gravitational force. The high rotation speed then isolates the solid from the liquid within few seconds. The solid material then moves upwards and is released through the nozzle. When the solid material is taken out, the distilled liquid is also discharged through a separate outlet.