Final disposal and utilization of sludgeⅡ

After sludge is treated and disposed by a series of methods, there are generally the following final disposal methods for the dried sludge:

Energy utilization

For sludge, engineering technology can be adopted to extract and synthesize the organic matter and heavy metal elements rich in sludge, so as to realize energy recovery. At present, sludge can be treated in an anaerobic environment, so that the microorganisms contained in the sludge can be fully fermented and degraded, and finally produce methane gas. After the methane is collected, it can be used as clean fuel, and the residual solid can be used as organic fertilizer. In the protection of the environment at the same time, the realization of high resource requirements. In addition, there are a series of technologies such as low-temperature sludge oil production technology and sludge fuel utilization technology to realize energy utilization.

Sludge for building materials

Another way to solve the sludge disposal is using sludge production of building materials, asphalt, through engineering technology can achieve the sludge system sludge ceramics grain biochemical fiberboard, sludge, sludge system of ecological cement and other building materials, the sludge of waste disposal requirements, protection of the environment at the same time to achieve the sludge.