the most advanced drilling fluid cleaner manufacturing process at home and abroad

KOSUN adopts the most advanced drilling fluid cleaner manufacturing process at home and abroad, to ensure the production of powerful, compact structure, easy to operate, easy to maintain drilling fluid cleaner.

KOSUN QZS series high efficiency mud cleaner is the secondary and tertiary drilling purification system of solids control equipment that can be further separated by the vibrating screen processed of smaller particles contained in mud solid phase, so that the mud into the level 4 separation equipment, MD series mud cleaner can be used alone, also can use its underflow vibrating screen as primary solids control parallel backup device of vibrating screen.

What are the equipment safety requirements when operating and maintaining the mud cleaner?

  1. Confirm whether the base of the machine is firmly connected with the tank, and whether the inlet and outlet pipes are sealed well;
  2. After connecting the main power supply, start the motor and make sure that the motor runs in the correct direction;
  3. Do not strike or smash the cleaner.

Production features of KOSUN drilling fluid cleaner:

  1. The main structure of the drilling fluid cleaner is arranged in two parts: the cyclone desander and the desilter are arranged in the upper part; the slide groove is set on the base and a mud vibrating screen is arranged on the slide, which makes the structure compact and occupies little space;
  2. There is a control butterfly valve between the inlet and outlet pipes of the desander and the desilter, which can adjust the number of the desander and the desilter at any time. It is simple to operate and easy to maintain;
  3. The cyclone desander and desilter are equipped with automatic sand control blocking device and bottom flow regulating device;
  4. Different number of desander hydrocyclones and desilter hydrocyclones can be configured according to customer requirements and the actual situation on site.