The solid control system for oil and gas drilling

The solid-control system, also known as the drilling fluid purification system, is mainly used for solid-phase control and solid-liquid separation in the drilling fluid, so that the drilling fluid can be recycled. The solid control system is composed of 3-7 composite tanks, equipped with 4-stage purification equipment, suitable for oil drilling projects of 2000-7000m.This innovative system USES a composite tank with a tapered base and a mud mixer at the edges to prevent solid deposits in the drilling fluid. In addition, mud tanks and mud boxes can be separated or combined as required by the drilling process. Each tank is connected to each other through a network of pipes, and the suction valve is flexible when open and tight when closed.
As a manufacturer of solid control equipment that has passed the us API and ISO certification, KOSUN’s solid control system has also passed the European Union CE certification, which can meet the requirements of export developed countries. KOSUN’s solid control system has been exported to more than 60 countries and regions, has been unanimously recognized by customers, has accumulated a good reputation in the industry.
The solid control system for oil and gas drilling usually includes the following equipment: 1. The drilling fluid vibrating screen can separate solid particles larger than 100 microns; 2. Drilling fluid desander, capable of separating 40-100 micron solids; 3. Desilter to separate 20-40 micron particles; 4. Drilling fluid centrifuge can separate 2-7 micron fine particles.