The vc-1000 series vertical cuttings dryer produced by KOSUN is a vertical scraper discharge centrifuge.

The application of vertical cuttings dryer is currently at home and abroad to solve the drilling waste management in areas such as solid-liquid separation dryer mud treatment equipment, the traditional waste sludge treatment is used more pressure filter, but the operation is more troublesome, and the intensity of labor is big, cost is high, and drilling cuttings dryer is the modern solid-liquid separation, it does not need to add chemicals, cover an area of an area small, simple operation, low cost but also strong processing capacity, processing waste solid phase moisture content is low.

With the continuous improvement of national environmental protection requirements, major oil fields are faced with the problem of drilling waste disposal.

The vc-1000 series vertical cuttings dryer produced by KOSUN is a vertical scraper discharge centrifuge, which separates solid and liquid phases through centrifugal separation principle. Vertical cuttings dryer can effectively recover liquid components in cuttings, making solid phase transition very dry. It is suitable for water-based mud, oil-based mud and synthetic mud to recover the mud in cuttings, thus reducing drilling costs and environmental pollution. Its processing capacity is 40~60 tons per hour, and the liquid content/oil content of the treated cuttings is lower than 5%, meeting international emission standards and environmental requirements. It can be used for cuttings treatment in land and sea drilling.

While working, raise the support of driller to the highest place to meet the driller’s driller discharge. The centrifuge is placed on the tank body of the pry seat, and the discharged liquid part flows directly into the bottom collection tank. While drilling fluid is needed, it can be delivered via a delivery pump or connected to a tank of similar height.