Advantages of Solid Bowl Decanter Centrifuge

Solid Bowl Decanter Centrifuge is used for chemical and industrial separation applications. The Solid Bowl Decanter Centrifuge is a basic, standard machine to which features can be added for special applications. The solid bowl is ideal for clarification of liquids, thickening of sludges, and separation of solids.

Process advantages of the Solid Bowl Decanter Centrifuge:

1.Process flexibility.

Constant separation results, even at fluctuations in the volumetric flow, the process conditions, or the product characteristics

2.Process conditions

-gas-tight, vapor-tight, or pressurized operation

-low vibration levels

-CIP cleaning

-flameproof or explosion-proof standards making the decanter ideal for applications with solvents and hazardous materials

3.Chemical resistance

Materials such as titanium, pure nickel, or Hastelloy provide the security essential in demanding process applications.

4.Low space requirement

-compact design at high specific throughput

-self-contained system, therefore no extra space required for peripheral equipment

5.Low operating costs

Operating consumables (e.g. filter cloths) are not required. No costly downtime for changing consumables.

6.Simple installation

-integration of all necessary functions in one package (e.g. no need for peripheral equipment)

-active support system (no foundations)

Major applications of Solid Bowl Decanter Centrifuge:

-Organic chemicals

-Inorganic chemicals

-Ores and minerals

-Water and wastewater

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