Analysis of the decanter centrifuge manufacturing industry

Analyze the current situation of our country’s existing decanter centrifuge manufacturing industry, the manufacturing technology of our country’s centrifuge manufacturing and foreign centrifuge manufacturing, new technology research and development, especially in the reliability, stability, service life, assembly accuracy, and flexibility of operation. There is still a certain technological gap in humanization and the application of certain new technologies. However, these technological gaps are also gradually narrowing with the improvement of our country’s independent R&D and manufacturing capabilities, product innovation capabilities, and R&D capital investment. At present, this gap is gradually narrowing.

There are many types of decanter centrifuges in the domestic decanter centrifuge manufacturing industry, and each type has different functions for separating materials. For example, drilling fluid centrifuges are used to separate oil and natural gas drilling and drilling fluids produced during drilling. The centrifugal high-speed operation can realize the separation of drilling fluid, and it has the characteristics of high speed, long life, and obvious separation effect.

Decanter centrifuges are usually used to remove liquid from solid phase materials. It is suitable for the separation of materials that are easy to separate, large particles, large solid-liquid density difference, low viscosity, high concentration, large processing capacity, and higher dryness than clarity requirements. It is used in petrochemical, agriculture, food, environmental protection, and biology. In the fields of medicine and hygiene, the sedimentation speed of different materials under the action of the centrifugal force field will have different centrifugal force differences, so as to realize the solid phase separation, liquid-liquid separation of materials.

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