Application of shield muck treatment system produced by KOSUN in subway project

What are the manufacturers of shield muck treatment system in China?

Shield subway tunnel construction process, the waste residue produced by a large amount of waste residue in brings to the urban environment pollution threat, in the city subway tunnel soil balance shield construction, shield tunneling process, in order to ensure the advance smoothly, through the soil of shield machine, add water bentonite, foaming agent, polymer additives, mixing and makes the waste residue have better flow plasticity, achieve balance Graffiti has maintained balance effect.

Due to the characteristics of high mud content and high water content, the slag produced by shield tunneling will inevitably spill and pollute the environment in the process of transportation. In order to timely clean up the soil, a large amount of clean water needs to be consumed when shipping out, and the construction will be blocked because the muck cannot be shipped out in time.

Recently, the shield dregs treatment system produced by KOSUN has been successfully put into operation in Guangzhou Metro project of China and achieved results. The belt conveyor equipment is used to transport the freshly dug dregs from the depth of the tunnel to the feed hopper for separating the ground dregs, and finally separates the coarse and fine sand, realizing the benefit of resource utilization.

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