Decanter centrifuges-the preferred equipment for foreign sludge treatment

Industry experts pointed out that with the massive construction of large-scale municipal sewage treatment plants in our country, decanter centrifuges are increasingly used in the municipal sludge dewatering field, leading to some foreign brands one after another pouring into the Chinese market. Some domestic manufacturers also use cheaper Price into the market.

Decanter Centrifuges
Decanter Centrifuges

Although imported decanter centrifuge price is 2 to 3 times than the domestic price, the imported decanter centrifuge still occupy a larger market share. In the area of ​​sludge dewatering in industrial and municipal wastewater treatment, especially in some newly-built municipal sewage treatment plants, almost all of them are used the imported decanter centrifuges.

Undeniably, the centrifuge industry first developed in foreign countries, the early core technologies are also in foreign countries, decanter centrifuge has also become the preferred foreign sewage sludge treatment equipment. Despite its late start, our country has also experienced more than 20 years of hard work. Through cooperation with foreign countries and its own research and design, the domestic centrifuge technology has been almost mature, and began to compete with foreign countries in high-end decanter centrifuges .

Decanter Centrifuge
Decanter Centrifuge

Therefore, the decanter centrifuge in the field of urgent need to break the dependence on imports, learning more advanced foreign technology, innovation, research and development for China’s pharmaceutical industry needs decanter centrifuge, centrifuge equipment to slowly withdraw from the Chinese market To achieve self-sufficiency.

Mr. Fang Bochun, general manager of Jiangsu Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd., said: “In the next five years, the centrifuge industry will usher in tremendous changes. Enterprises should step up research and development capabilities and put new centrifuge design concepts into production as early as possible. Many new centrifuges to market, so as to truly solve the separation requirements of large enterprises and provide effective solutions to enhance the international image of China’s centrifuge field. “(Editor:Kosun Lily.Wang)

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