KOSUN Construction Mud Solid-liquid Separation Equipment

  1. Linear Dewatering Shale Shaker– Construction Mud Solid-liquid Separation Equipment
    Linear Dewatering Shale Shaker is specially designed to separate larger and coarser solid particles. The construction mud enters the shale shaker through the feeding funnel, and separates large-diameter solids such as large stones. The screen on this shale shaker has a longer lifespan than traditional woven screens.
  2. Double-layer mud Shale Shaker
    After being screened by the Linear Dewatering Shale Shaker, the liquid phase enters the Double-layer mud Shale Shaker again. The Double-layer mud Shale Shaker is a two-stage separation. It first enters the bottom layer of the Double-layer mud Shale Shaker. The mesh number of the bottom layer is smaller, and the coarse particles are further screened. The mesh number of the upper screen is higher, and the liquid phase passing through the bottom screen enters the upper screen again, and the effect is better.
  3. Mud cleaner
    The liquid phase screened by the Double-layer mud Shale Shaker is pumped to the mud cleaner. The mud cleaner consists of two 10-inch desander cyclones and 12 4-inch desander cyclones plus a shale shaker. The liquid phase first passes through the desander cyclone, and then enters the desliming cyclone. After separation by the mud cleaner, the material conditions for entering the centrifuge are reached.
  4. Decanter centrifuge
    The separation capacity of the decanter centrifuge is more refined. In order to ensure a good use effect, the requirements for the materials entering the centrifuge are relatively strict, so the front coarse screen, fine screen and cleaner are processed. The centrifuge can separate solid particles above 2-5um. After the centrifuge treatment, it meets the customer’s requirements.
  5. Flocculation dosing system
    The flocculation dosing system is the icing on the cake. When the level required by the customer is higher, the flocculation dosing system can make the centrifuge more effective.

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