KOSUN drilling mud solid-liquid separation centrifuge is an efficient solid-liquid separation equipment

KOSUN produces and sells drilling mud solid-liquid separation centrifuges. They are mainly used for solid-liquid separation in drilling mud waste management.

The drilling mud solid-liquid separation centrifuge has low energy consumption, stable performance, good separation effect, and high recovery rate. The continuous completion of processes such as feeding, dewatering, washing, and discharging during the separation process ensures high production efficiency and automation level, making it an excellent solid-liquid separation equipment.

The high-speed horizontal screw centrifuge is used for oily sludge treatment. The company’s specially developed 2-phase and 3-phase horizontal screw centrifuges for oily sludge, oil-contaminated sludge, and aged oil have achieved unprecedented good results in production practice, with all indicators superior to national standards.

Features and advantages:

Unique design with a longer drum to extend the residence time of drilling mud in the drum, resulting in drier solid phase and finer separation point.

Corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant drum with long service life and durability.

Corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant screw propeller.

Adopt German FAG and Swedish SKF brand bearings.

Electrical components meet Siemens Schneider explosion-proof standards.

Provide screw pumps, centrifugal pumps, feed pumps to meet different application needs.

KOSUN’s drilling mud solid-liquid separation centrifuge is key equipment in the treatment of drilling waste, oily sludge, and mud-water separation, playing a crucial role. They have been sold to dozens of countries domestically and internationally, used in multiple projects, and have received consistent praise from customers for their excellent separation effect and high recovery rate.
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