KOSUN mud waste treatment system meets the environmental protection requirements

Features of KOSUN mud waste treatment system:

  1. The system equipment is highly integrated, meeting the needs of centralized processing while drilling or after drilling.
  2. Strong mobility, miniaturized assembly, easy transportation, convenient operation and high processing efficiency.
  3. The daily processing capacity can reach 300m³, the water content of the solid phase after treatment is 15%~17%, and the oil content of the solid phase is ≤5%. Effective separation can recover a large amount of drilling fluid, which can be reused in the mud circulation system.
  4. Integrated Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) with automatic alarm indicator to monitor temperature, torque, oil quantity and running time, easy to operate, safe and reliable.
  5. The treatment conditions are mild, the treatment cost is low, the application is extensive, and it is economical and practical.
  6. It has strong adaptability and can treatment drilling waste under different types of mud systems.

With the development of high-temperature and high-pressure deep wells, highly deviated directional wells, horizontal wells and various complex formation drilling technologies, oil-based drilling fluids are used in drilling complex wells, especially in high-temperature drilling due to their excellent inhibition and temperature resistance. The advantage is more obvious in deep wells and water-sensitive formations. There are more and more waste oil-based mud from drilling. It is a complex multiphase system containing mineral oil, phenolic compounds and heavy metals, and its leachate is highly toxic. Oilfield drilling production produces a large amount of waste mud every day. The direct discharge of drilling waste mud will affect the nutritional environment and quality of crop growth. Long-term accumulation will cause serious damage to surface vegetation, pollute soil and water sources, and endanger human survival. Widely classified as hazardous waste.

KOSUN mud waste treatment system can recycle drilling fluid waste, reduce treatment costs, recycle useful mud or water, realize resource reuse, avoid environmental pollution by waste, and meet local government regulations and requirements. Environmental protection discharge requirements of waste to protect the environment.

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