KOSUN mud zero-discharge waste treatment system

Drilling waste disposal system is also known as mud zero-discharge disposal system, cuttings disposal system, cuttings disposal system and mud disposal while drilling system. According to its USES, it is divided into water-based mud landing system and oil-based mud landing system. Its main equipment includes: shale shaker,vertical cutting dryer, drilling fluid centrifuge, screw conveyor, screw pump, etc. Xi ‘an KOSUN mud landing system can effectively control the cuttings moisture content in drilling mud, stabilize liquid performance and achieve the purpose of mud landing drying. In addition, Xi ‘an KOSUN can also customize various mud landing systems for customers according to their needs and actual conditions on site.
The KOSUN mud zero-discharge waste treatment system can recover and treat drilling fluid waste, reduce the cost of treatment, recover swimming mud or water, realize resource reuse, avoid the pollution of waste to the environment, meet the environmental protection requirements of local government regulations on waste discharge, and protect the environment.
KOSUN mud zero-discharge equipment integration is high, to meet the needs of drilling while drilling or post-drilling centralized treatment. And the mobility is strong, is the miniaturization assembly, is convenient for transportation, the operation is convenient, the processing efficiency is high. The treatment conditions are mild, the treatment cost is low, the application range is wide and economical. In addition, the system is adaptable and can handle drilling wastes under different mud systems.