Model Selection Guide of Decanter Centrifuge

Many people can easily know how to choose a decanter centrifuge, but it is a little difficult for them to select a suitable model of centrifuge. Here is a simple method to judge a proper model for you.

decanter centrifuge
Decanting Centrifuge

First, the model of a decanter centrifuge represents the following meanings: For example, LW450*842, a model of decanter centrifuge, among which L means Luoxuan in Chinese Pinyin, W means Woshi in Chinese Pinyin, 450 means the bowl diameter of decanter centrifuge, and 842 means the bowl length of decanter centrifuge.

A suitable model of decanter centrifuge can not only solve production problems and improve work efficiency, but also save production cost and reduce business risks. Several main factors that determine the centrifuge model are as follows:

decanter centrifuge
decanter centrifuges
  1. Speed of decanter centrifuge: The speed of a common decanter centrifuge is more than 2000RPM. For some materials hard to separate, a higher speed is required. The higher the speed is, the higher the separation factor of centrifuge, the better the separation effect.
  2. Material of decanter centrifuge: PH value of materials to be treated determines the bowl material of decanter centrifuge. Different materials have diverse physical and chemical indexes in their abrasion and corrosion resistances. Overseas decanter centrifuges are generally made of 316L or duplex stainless steel, with wear parts made of ceramic materials.
  3. Differential control of decanter centrifuge: Different differentials have different control accuracies, service lives and maintenance costs. The higher its differential accuracy is, the better its adaptation to materials is. So it is advisable to select equipment with a high differential accuracy.
  4. Length-diameter ratio: The bigger the length-diameter ratio of decanter centrifuge is, the higher the handling capacity is, the lower the moisture content is.
  5. Control system: At present, almost all of equipment manufacturers at home and abroad have achieved a full automatic control over the equipment.
  6. Installed power: As for a control over energy consumption, generally speaking, domestic equipment has a higher energy consumption ratio, while foreign equipment has a lower one.
  7. Manufacturing technique: Since a decanter centrifuge is a kind of separation equipment with high precision machining requirements, the centrifuges manufactured by enterprises without a precision machining capability will suffer from a high maintenance ratio and a restricted handling capacity.

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