Sand washing sludge dewatering solid-liquid separation equipment

Sand washing sludge dewatering equipment mainly refers to solid-liquid separation equipment, including: centrifuge, belt filter press, plate and frame filter press, sludge drying integrated machine, etc. Sand washing sludge dewatering equipment has a wide range of applicability, such as: soil sludge treatment, oil field drilling mud treatment, mining sludge wastewater treatment, sand washing wastewater treatment in sand making yard, piling mud treatment, river dredging treatment, mud wall solidification, large-diameter pile foundation, pipe jacking construction, seepage prevention wall engineering, trenchless engineering and other fields.

Sand washing sludge dewatering equipment is mainly for the separation of some fine gravel, sludge and water. The separated water can be recycled, and the sludge can be fully utilized for backfilling, brick burning, paving, etc., in order to meet the requirements of environmental protection and energy saving.

Due to the complex and diverse mining processes in sand factories, the turbid water quality will reduce productivity and increase costs. The function of the sand washing sludge dewatering equipment is to reduce the amount of sludge after the sediment is separated, and treat the sewage sludge to a zero discharge state as much as possible.

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