Waterway and river sludge dredging and dewatering treatment equipment

1) Excavator dredging equipment: first use the pump to drain the water in the river to the other side, and after it is drained, the excavator enters the river or waterway for dredging construction. Excavator dredging equipment is a relatively common dredging construction machinery and equipment. The advantages of using excavators for river channel dredging are that the operation is convenient and simple, the construction cost is low, and it is suitable for operations with dry and hard mud and shallow river depth construction.

2) Desilting equipment of vertical mud pump mud conveying system: the main components of vertical mud pump mud conveying system are: mud pump, floating body, mud conveying hard pipe, rubber hose, etc. Its working principle process: the pressure generated by the water flow through the centrifugal pump, through the water pipe and the water gun, spews a dense high-pressure water column for cutting and crushing, forming the flow state of the mixed liquid of mud and mud blocks. Pumps and mud pipes are sucked to the sludge dump. The mud pump dredging is not only easy to operate, but also conducive to improving water quality and protecting the ecological environment. Its main operating range is suitable for operation in mountainous and hilly areas, and also suitable for dredging of river channels with small water surface.

3) Cutter suction vessel dredging equipment: the main components of cutter suction vessel are mud pump and suction device structure. The pump sucks the sludge from the suction pipe, and the sludge discharge pipe discharges the sludge to the river bank or directly into the mud barge for transportation to a certain place for temporary storage and then for sludge dewatering treatment. The cutter suction boat is mainly aimed at the bottom of the river where the sludge is soft in the river channel.

4) Screw stacker sludge dewatering equipment: The working principle of this equipment is that after the sludge is first concentrated by gravity, the screw stacker is transported to the dewatering section, and gradually becomes smaller with the filter seam and screw pitch during the working process. , and the great internal pressure generated by the resistance of the pressing plate, the capacity is continuously reduced, thus truly realizing the purpose of dehydration. The screw stacker has a wide range of applications and is suitable for the advantages of high and low concentration sludge dewatering.

5) Decanter centrifuge sludge dewatering equipment: The process flow of the dewatering equipment can be roughly divided into: the pump lifts the sludge and then performs a screening pretreatment system, and then adds an appropriate amount of flocculant to the sludge to fully stir, and finally uses Centrifuges perform deep dehydration procedures. The dry and solid mud cake after sludge dewatering can be transported to other places where it needs to be reused, which truly achieves the double harvest of environmental protection, energy saving and economic value. The advantages of this equipment are convenient and simple operation, large processing energy, small processing site occupation, high degree of automation, and low noise due to low vibration.

6) Diaphragm filter press sludge dewatering equipment: The sludge dewatering process of this equipment can be roughly divided into: the sludge lifted by the pump enters the primary sedimentation tank and the secondary sedimentation tank, and then continues to enter the grid and concentration tank Then, a certain amount of flocculant is added for complete stirring and mixing, and then it enters the homogenization tank. Finally, it is highly dehydrated by the filter press, and the treated filter cake realizes the resource utilization of external transportation. The advantages of diaphragm filter press are high compression pressure, large processing capacity, low moisture content of filter cake, stable equipment performance, low failure rate and high degree of automation.

7).Geotechnical pipe belt sludge dewatering equipment: The process flow is roughly as follows: first, the sludge is filled into the geotechnical pipe belt for many times through a mud pump, and an appropriate amount of flocculant is added to promote the solid-liquid dewatering effect of the sludge. The combination of the filter part of the pipe bag and the two power factors of the liquid pressure will quickly and efficiently dehydrate the added dewatering agent sludge, and the solid part of the dewatered sludge will be trapped in the geotechnical pipe belt, and the percolating water will be discharged to the river after treatment. in the waterway or directly into the municipal sewage pipe. The solid portion trapped in the pipe can be reused in other industries for efficient resource utilization. Its advantages are good anti-wear performance, good UV resistance and water permeability. The geotechnical tube bag has a strong accommodation capacity for sludge, a large volume adjustment range, and a civilized and hygienic working environment. It is suitable for projects with large amount of sludge dewatering, large construction site and relatively loose construction period.

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