Construction Mud Treatment-mud dehydration and drying equipment

Improper treatment of construction mud will pollute the environment, cause a large amount of soil erosion, block up rivers, affect water quality, and destroy municipal facilities. Early Construction Mud Treatment methods included landfilling, natural drying, etc. These more primitive methods have lower costs, but they cannot meet the increasing Construction Mud Treatment needs.

Therefore, the mud dehydration and drying treatment introduced in recent years has the following contents:

(1) Vacuum suction filtration method: the effect is poor, because the mud settles in the lower layer. When the vacuum is applied, the mud layer becomes denser and the water is difficult to suck out.

(2) Filter press method: The effect is good, but it is difficult to use on the construction site.

(3) The centrifugal dehydration and drying method is better than the above two methods. The centrifugal closed automatic and continuous operation does not require flocculation equipment. It is suitable for on-site construction environment and can fundamentally replace the current original and backward processing methods and improve processing efficiency. Reduce processing costs, protect the urban environment, and achieve civilized construction on site.

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