Working Principle of Vacuum Degasser

The Vacuum Degasser separates the gas (CH4, H2S, etc.) in the drilling fluid through compulsory measures, which can stabilize the specific gravity and viscosity of the drilling fluid, stabilize the performance of the drilling fluid, blowout and blowout accidents, and reduce cavitation. In the suction pipe mud tank, it can be used as a high-power agitator under the condition of no air immersion in the mud.

Working Principle of Vacuum Degasser

1. The suction of the vacuum pump is used to make the mud enter the vacuum tank, and the gas is pumped out of the vacuum tank by using it. The vacuum pump plays two different roles here.

2. The water ring vacuum pump is always in an isothermal state during the working process, suitable for the suction of flammable and explosive gas, and has reliable safety performance.

3. The mud is shot to the four walls at a high speed through the window of the rotor, the bubbles in the mud are broken completely, and the degassing effect is good.

4. The main motor is biased and the center of gravity of the whole machine is lowered.

5. The belt drive is adopted to avoid the complexity of the deceleration mechanism.

6. The application of the steam-water separator does not cause water and air to be discharged at the same time, so that the exhaust pipe is always unblocked. In addition, it can also circulate water to the vacuum pump, saving water.

7. The suction pipe is inserted into the mud tank and can be used as a high-power agitator when the mud is not immersed in air.

Structure and Composition of Vacuum Degasser:

The composition of Vacuum Degasser: 1, suction pipe 2, rotor 3, separation wheel 4, top cover 5, method blue blocking plate 6, exhaust pipe 7, vacuum pump 8, water supply pipe 9, gas-water separator 10, exhaust Short section.

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