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Decanter Centrifuges

Decanter centrifuges can perform well for a longer period if timely operation and maintenance of the device is carried out. The decanter centrifuge is a vital machine utilized in major industries like the oil, food, waste-water treatment and chemical industry. Hence the engineer has to have a good knowledge about the handling and maintenance of the machine.

decanter centrifuges,decanter centrifuges suppliers
decanter centrifuges,decanter centrifuges suppliers

Decanter centrifuges operation are as follows:
•    Prior to starting the machine the safety protective guards should be installed. When the machine is running, don’t open the guards.
•    Don’t touch the rotating parts or moving parts when the decanter centrifuge is in operation.
•    Stopping the machine during its operation is also forbidden.
•    Only in case of any unusual noise or vibration, the decanter centrifuges should be stopped and troubleshoot.
•    The rotating speed of the decanter centrifuge is mentioned in the instructions. Running the same more than the given active speed is forbidden.
•    The device should be plugged or unplugged only when the power is cut-off.

The maintenance of the decanter centrifuges are as follows:
•    For maintaining the decanter centrifuge for a long time the machine should not be stopped or adjusted when the power is on and the bowl is still rotating. It should be done only on stopping of it completely.
•    To open the cover of the collecting box, it should be opened suitably so that the cover should not close suddenly which can injure the operator.
•    The decanter centrifuges operators are required to read user manual and other related data, should have working knowledge and the requirement of operations of the machine. The operator should adhere strictly to the handling instruction of the machine.
•    Maintenance as the schedules can decreases the downtime thereby increases the production capacity.

Decanter Centrifuge Suppliers

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