Economic Configuration Decanter Centrifuge Advantage and Disadvantage

Economic Configuration Decanter Centrifuge

Economic Configuration Decanter Centrifuge is the last phase equipment in solid control system of any industry. It is widely popular industrial equipment. It is used to separate a mixture of solids and fluid of different densities in an efficient manner.

Economic Configuration Decanter Centrifuge
Economic Configuration Decanter Centrifuge

Economic Configuration Decanter Centrifuge has its set of advantages and disadvantages as well. Let us first look at them:
1.    The first and foremost advantage of a decanter centrifuge is that it is highly customizable based on the need of the end user. The dimensions of components and the angle at which they will be fitted, all could be customized.
2.    Decanter centrifuge is aesthetically superior and is designed in a way to have little or no odor problems.
3.    This equipment is easy to install and operate, and does not require huge area to be installed like other competitive technical equipments.
4.    Though sleeker in size, the equipment performs at an optimum capacity than it appears to have. That ensures lesser units need to be deployed and enhances the economy of operations.
5.    The equipment is not only easy to operate but also a lot easier to optimize to meet the desired result.
6.    Horizontal decanter centrifuge greatly reduces the labor costs as it does not demand much maintenance and largely automated so reduces the number of manual operators.
7.    In comparison to traditional methods and even other competitive technique, decanter centrifuge performance is very good.
1.    A decanter centrifuge is not as effective in filtering biological solids at micro level, such as cells and viruses.
2.    The equipment generates high vibration and very noisy when in operation
3.    It consumes high energy as it used very high g-force.
4.    The overall capital cost for decanter centrifuge is on a higher side. The individual price for the equipment, plus preparing the site with hard surfacing and abrasion prevention, to reduce the wear cost for the equipment.