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Decanting Centrifuge

Wherever you need to separate materials of different densities, you need a decanter to achieve your goal. The equipment uses centrifugal force to separate the different materials for processing. Decanter Centrifuges , sedimentation centrifuge, vertical centrifuge and other types.

Now based on this definition, we can imagine this device in a variety of different materials need to separate a wide range of industrial applications in the scene. Let’s take a look at the oil field drilling industry, which produces a lot of drilling waste.

Decanting Centrifuge
Decanting Centrifuge

Not only waste is harmful to the environment, but is handled directly, but also contains a large amount of drilling fluid that needs to be extracted and reduced. In order to complete this challenging task of separating the fluid, the settling centrifuge is deployed in the drilling operation.

The work of the decanting centrifuge can be understood as – if it is simple to use – it uses fast rotation to separate different types of material. In a more technical performance, the centrifuge is the use of centrifugal force using the settlement principle based on its density to separate the material from the device.

Imagine a bottle of creamy cream, stir with high speed, divide the cream into butter and skim milk. We know that different materials have different densities and that the centrifugal force causes them to resist the axis movement of the pits they store by means of rapid rotation using mechanical forces.

The material with the smallest natural density will be tilted upward, and the material with the highest density will precipitate at the bottom of the pit.

Decanting centrifuge equipment is used for various machines that need to filter solids and fluid mixtures. In the food processing industry, oil and gas industry and other industries found a wide range of applications.

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