Drilling Waste Decanter Centrifuge Good Performance

Decanter Centrifuge

The main part of the drilling waste management system is the sedimentation centrifuge. Decanter Centrifuge is usually used for drilling waste treatment , mud and sludge and oil separation, etc.

There are some ways to maximize the performance of settling centrifuge:
• Operates with high G vibrating screens for water-based drilling waste or chips. After treating the waste with a vibrating screen, the material is fed into a settling centrifuge to separate small solid matter.
• Vertical cutting dryers are widely used in almost every borehole area. The use of decanter centrifuges and vertical dryer will help to deal with oil and synthetic drilling waste. The chips are first treated in a slurry shaker and then treated in a vertical dryer and then into a settling centrifuge.

drilling waste
drilling waste

• It is also important to choose the correct type of settling centrifuge. The details of the equipment must be discussed with the supplier and the manufacturer. Operators can understand the performance and efficiency by looking at machine data under similar conditions.
• The decanter centrifuge you choose must be based on your design. Some applications require high speed, while other applications require large bowl separation. Before purchasing the machine, please remember to summarize the clear picture in advance.
• The same model of the machine can also be slightly different in terms of feed technology, level and machine layout. Any change will seriously affect the performance of the machine.
• Last but not least, the machine should be operated by a professional operator. The dewatering machine requires a highly skilled operator’s function. A lot of things depend on the operator’s function. The main problem that most staff members suffer is the lack of skilled operators. So this aspect of the machine is as important as the rest.

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